Other Services

Mold Remediation and Indoor Air Quality Testing

Though mold can be as obvious as the writing on the wall, it is sometimes quietly growing BEHIND walls, affecting your health and the health of your family. Mold does NOT go away on its own. Since treating it yourself can run the risk of further mold contamination, the best way to prevent a small mold issue from invading your home or office is to have it professionally removed as soon as possible.

Mold is in the air. From air sampling, swab testing to tape test. We can find the quantity and type of mold spores in your environment.

Mold issues are typically found in the following areas and caused by:

Basements / Crawlspaces

Sump pump failure
Foundation breaches
Improper grading
Rain or groundwater irrigation


Improper or lack of ventilation
Insufficient insulation
Rainwater intrusion


Sump pump failure
High humidity
Improper/lack of ventilation

Water Mitigation

When there is a broken pipe and an area gets wet or flooded we can quickly set up water pumps and extraction equipment to get the majority of the water out. We want to save your structure not destroy it further so the dry out is crucial. We use dehumidifiers, air movers and heat to get your environment back to a normal moisture content.

Asbestos Inspection

State certified. We can do a limited scope sampling or a full building survey for asbestos-containing material.

Roof Shingle/ Exterior Cleaning

Roof staining organisms such as algae, lichens, and moss feed off the organic material in shingles. In other words, they eat the roof. The longer they're left untreated, the more damage they will cause.

We use a low-pressure cleaning system, no-pressure wash to avoid damage to the shingles.

Death Scene Cleaning

Death is unfortunate and only made worse when confronted with the clean up. The remains of a suicide, homicide, or natural death if left for days can pose a biohazard threat that requires the immediate attention of a professional. We understand the sensitive nature as well as the need for a safe, thorough, and effective cleaning process.

Odor Control

Pet, garbage, smoke, filth, and other hard to remove odors can be a challenge but with our air cleaning techniques we are confident you will be satisfied with the results.

House Clean Outs

Taking on a foreclosure, fixer upper, or a hoarding situation can seem like an endless task. We can alleviate the overwhelm, typically within one to two days. We charge by the cubic yard and will clean the interior and exterior from unwanted material and debris.